Jars filled with scented spring blooms including mini daffodils on the bulb

Baby Shower Flowers

We were super exited to be asked to create floral decorations for a baby shower party. We came up with these super cute, flower filled jars, crammed full of delicious scented flowers. We used stocks, David Austin roses, ranunculas, a hint of baby blue hyacinth and yellow mini daffodils to match the beautiful invitation cards. The baby daffodils were left on the bulb to give an extra detail in the jars. They were perfect for a girly afternoon garden party. I was a slightly disappointed I couldn’t persuade our lovely customer to go with a floral belly sculpture! In case you’re wondering what this looks like there is a picture here http://entertaining.preston-dev.defaultroute.net/ (from Preston Baileys blog.) We’ll save that for next time!


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